Water service is always and a must to be 24/7. To guarantee its availability, pumping stations should be monitored which requires a lot of resources and arising troubles take time to detect and report. Delays in responding to water service interruption can lead to consumer complaints and dissatisfaction. However, with a reliable monitoring system, losses can be minimized and preventive actions can be taken.

PICOBOX REX is the answer, a proven monitoring system which is used in the Philippine Water District industry.


The Pumping Station Monitoring System is equipped with PICOBOX REX with antenna extender, power supply and battery.


  • Able to independently monitor the pumping station on each remote site in real time
  • System monitoring and operation 24 x 7
  • Send alarm and status from all sites via text message and e-mail


  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance
  • 24×7 operation
  • Eliminates frequent physical checking of each pumping  station
  • No external PC or external  application software required
  • Dedicated stand-alone operation


Water Resources Facilities Operators and Senior Plant Mechanic of Mangaldan Water District need to keep water supply in its area running smoothly with no interruption. That’s why constant checking on each pumping station is a must, this consumes too much time of our people. By using PICOBOX, we have been able to keep each station monitored in real time and remotely impotenzastop.it. “We would highly recommend Linkwise team to all water district not only because they are knowledgeable but also very responsive and professional.”

Mangaldan Water District

We decided to utilize technology in responding to customer complaints and using PICOBOX as our platform is one of the best decisions we ever made. It keeps us updated with the status of each station remotely, improve service availability and customer satisfaction.

Manaoag Water District


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