Location: Pasig, Philippines

Date: 2020

Applications: Facility Monitoring System

Technology: Picobox REX and Picobox 16DI

Interfaced Equipment:

Jockey Pump

Fire pump

Water Pump



A high-end building which consists of 6 towers are located far away from each other, supervising each pump will take ample time by walking. Each tower consists of 2 pumps on-site, which they can use alternately.


Linkwise Technology installed a monitoring system to 6 (Tower A-F) different towers to monitor the jockey pump, fire pump, and water pump. The system was designed to monitor the ON and OFF pumps on each tower. Wherein, when water reaches the low-level limit, pump 1 of tower A will turn on filling the tank with water until it reaches the high-level limit. if water reaches a low limit again pump 2 of tower A will do what pump 1 did, vice versa.


Picobox REX was installed to monitor the on and off of the pumps through SMS/text. The monitoring points of REX was expanded by Picobox DAQ 16DI to extend the digital inputs it can monitor. With REX and DAQ 16DI, it can now securely monitor the pumps remotely and in real-time.

Facility Monitoring System-Rex
Linkwise technology DAQ


  • Able to independently monitor pumps on each tower in real-time.
  • Eliminates frequent physical checking of each pumps on each tower.
  • Can send SMS to check the status of each pumps in all towers.
  • Receive SMS whenever a pump turns on or off, or the pumps trip.
  • Maximize the efficiency of personnel. This solution will only need minimum supervision, giving the personnel time to focus on other tasks.

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