Zamboanga City, 23-24 September 2019- Linkwise Technology was invited to take part in the Mindanao Association of Water District (MAWD) Forum with the theme “One Water, One Mindanao: Weaving Partnerships for water Security got every MindaNowOne”.


MAWD 2019 was hosted by Zamboanga City Water District and held at the Garden Orchid Convention Center. Converging in the event are water district representatives, industry suppliers, technology providers and consultants. The event aimed to discuss the importance of water security and sustainability in the region and promote unity as the key to become a self-sufficient water district.

Furthermore, the event has an exhibit which showcases the latest technology, equipment and services available for every water district needs.  

Linkwise Technology was one of the exhibitors which showcase the latest technology and trend for Water Districts, a pumping station monitoring system. Since water service is crucial to the community, it is a must to be 24/7 operational. Pumping stations should be monitored which requires a lot of resources and arising troubles take time to detect and report. Delays in responding to water service interruption can lead to consumer complaints and dissatisfaction. However, with Linkwise Pumping Station monitoring system, losses can be minimized and preventive actions can be taken immediately.

A monitoring system which can monitor the pumps, generator and other equipment in the pumping station 24/7 and will send alert once a problem is detected through text message and email anytime, anywhere.


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Linkwise Technology is a designer, manufacturer and leading provider of smart monitoring controllers applicable in the data center, server room, facility, and different other applications and industries. Linkwise provides a comprehensive solution to every monitoring, automation and control, leak detection, and wireless communication needs, while at the same time keeping it simple and user-accessible.

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