Linkwise Technology Philippines Inc., in partnership with Distribution Solutions Philippines (DISTRIPHIL), secure vaccines for all its employees. Under the company’s program “WE HEAL AS ONE,” all its workers from across the National Capital Region (NCR), Bulacan, and to follow, Pangasinan and Cebu site have received their first covid vaccine dose last September 15, 2021.

The company secure an allocation for Moderna doses and administered them to all unvaccinated employees at Blue Leaf Pavilion in Taguig City. Among those vaccinated were engineers and technicians, who have been exposed to different people and working environments on project sites. In addition, the office-based employees and even the work-from-home employees have received their vaccine.

The company has been very vigilant in implementing measures to protect its employees from exposure and infection with Covid-19 from the very start of the pandemic. Below are the precautions made:

  1. All employees reporting to sites and offices will have a service car traveling to work and their respective homes.
  2. The company provided staff houses to employees – especially engineers and technicians – to minimize exposure to other people.
  3. All employees are required to wear double masks or KN95 masks at all times.
  4. Employees should frequently wash and sanitize their hands.
  5. Employees should stay at home if someone has fever, colds, or other symptoms relating to Covid-19.
  6. Employees must practice physical distancing within office premises and in public places.

Linkwise Technology employees are scheduled to get their second dose on the 2nd week of October. 


Vaccination Process

Vaccinated Employees

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