Linkwise Technology Philippines Inc.- Recently part take with the largest gathering of local water district in the Philippines, “The 40th PAWD National Convention and Exhibition” with the theme of “Water Districts: Addressing Challenges through innovations”.Through the company’s continuous exploration to different realms of innovation, Linkwise was given a chance to present a technological solution for all Water District Nationwide.

PAWD Exhibition and Convention is dubbed as the largest and longest-running water district convention there has been, connecting different industry suppliers with decision-makers and buyers from Water District segments all over the country.

Held at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last February 12-13, 2019. The exhibit opens with the dynamic collaboration of 120 local and international manufacturers, suppliers and service providers such as Linkwise Technology which provides a suitable solutions for every water district needs.

As the first day of the event commenced, expectant guest filled the venue with their different professional and cultural wears, ready for an exciting long day. The highly anticipated convention was nothing short of lively and knowledgeable as the event starts with a different performance-inspired by the Philippines cultures and talks from PAWD association and selected individuals from the industry.

At the event, Linkwise showcased its developed solution, a pumping station monitoring system which is capable of monitoring each pumping station status 24/7 remotely and in real-time.  Once a problem arises  an update through SMS and email will be sent to all registered user, anytime, anywhere. This ensures an uninterrupted water supply to water district consumers, and lessen the work of the personnel securing the pumping station.

As the convention and exhibits go on, different speakers are giving incites and educational talks for securing the water, conservation, and environmental development through innovative and technological solutions. Exhibitors are highly dedicated to giving out solutions through innovation without harming the environmental balance.

Linkwise Technology is one of these exhibitors that is eager to give a technological solutions for the rising problem of interrupted water supply, through REX a reliable monitoring system that is cost efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly.


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