The Environmental monitoring system is a tool in checking the conditions of the environment within a facility that can affect various equipment. This system closely monitors problems that might need immediate attention such as changes in the air, temperature, humidity, leaks, etc.

EMS is commonly used in the Datacenter or Server Room, for equipment that needs to maintain a certain cool temperature, standard humidity, and at the same time must not inflict any leaks from water. EMS secure and closely monitors equipment and its environment to prevent huge damage and business losses. 

It also monitors lighting, power, smoke and more!

Linkwise Technology innovates a Environmental Monitoring System that enables operators to closely monitor their equipment. It allows users to keep an eye on different devices remotely and in real-time. The monitoring device provides a 24/7 operation wherein once equipment fails or a problem arises, it will instantly notify you through SMS and email. Preventing equipment failure, downtime, financial loss, and loss of reputation.

Linkwise Technology works to provide a simple solution for a complex world. It is a reliable, cost-efficient and effective environmental monitoring system that works to give relief and peace of mind to the business owners and operators.




Linkwise Technology is a designer, manufacturer and leading provider of smart monitoring controllers applicable in the data center, server room, facility, and different other applications and industries. Linkwise provides a comprehensive solution to every monitoring, automation and control, leak detection, and wireless communication needs, while at the same time keeping it simple and user-accessible

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