A flood is an overflow of water that usually immerse in the dry land. It is the most common natural calamity that causes dominant fatalities around the globe. Flash flood has an impact and huge effects not just on the people, but also to the environment and the economy.

These are some of the reasons why preventive measures must take place but, how can we prevent a flood if it’s a natural calamity?

Here are the 5 flood preventive measures and tips to avoid a flood.

  1. Introduce a better flood warning device so it can give people more time to prepare and take action during flash floods. It can also save more lives by releasing an early warning.
  2. Construct a building that is one meter or more from the ground to prevent flood damage.
  3. Restore rivers and clean drainage to prevents floods. The mere fact that the rivers will restore to its original state and drainages are clean, the flow of water can be control and damages may be prevented.
  4. Add flood barriers so it can control flood. It can also contain water, and damage to properties can be prevented.
  5. Apply the technological innovation and advancement where a Flood can be determined before it actually happens and prevention may take place immediately.

Flood is a natural calamity; we cannot control it but we can come prepared when it happens.

Linkwise Technology innovates a Flood Monitoring System in which water levels can be monitor in remote sites in rivers, creeks, canals, and roads. It will send an alert in the event of rising water levels and can-do classification such as warning, critical, and highly critical. These alerts can be broadcast to the public via a website or thru SMS/Text alerts.



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