Low Power Consumption

NB-IoT technology focus on the small data and small transmit speed application.So NB-IoT device power consumption can be very small, the device life can be significantly increased from few months to several years.


NB-IoT need not to re-build the network, radio and antenna are basically multiplexed.For example, like one of China network operators-China Mobile, there is a wider band in 900MHZ owned by China Mobile.Only need to allocate part of the 2G band, you can directly deploy LTE and NB-IoT at the same time. Low speed, low power consumption and narrow bandwidth also bring the advantage of low cost to NB-IoT chip and module.

Wide Coverage Area

NB-IoT has the better indoor coverage capability than LTE.NB-IoT has enhancements of 20dB gain more than LTE, it is equivalent to an increase of 100 times coverage area capacity more than LTE.

Numerous and Powerful Nodes Connection

The Four-Faith LoRa module adopts a LoRa modulation technique, acquired through many years of wireless network experiences to achieve a maximum transmission distance of 8 km. Perfectly solving the problematic environment of small amounts of data transmission over long distances, providing an ideal solution to all industries wireless networking needs.

Operating Voltage 5-36VDC
Communication Band B5: 850MHz
B8: 900MHz
B20: 800MHz
Operating Temperature -35 – 75 DegC
Operating Humidity 0-95% (unfreezing)

F2910 NB-IoT Wireless Data Terminal
91 x 58.5 x 22 mm

F2910-E NB-IoT Embedded Wireless Communication  Terminal
60 x 38 x 12 mm

Weight 210g
Digital Input/Output 5 (0-3.3 VDC)
Analog Input 2 (4-20mA)
Pulse Counting 2 channels
Interface RS232 port and RS485 (RS422) port
SIM/UIM 1.8V/3V standard user card interface
TX Power 23±1 dBm
RX Sensitivity <-129 dBm