• Solid chrome brass construction
  • Sealed, waterproof and impact resistant
  • 12 or 24VDC, 1 A output relay contact
  • Fail-safe, normally closed (NC) relay contact
  • Adjustable sensor height
  • Visual alarm indicators
  • Standard 3m cable length

Received alerts through SMS and Emails

Integration with Environmental Monitoring System

Users can utilize EMS devices, such as Picobox REX and FMGuard, by using its SMS and email alert capabilities to monitor any water leakage before a mishap happens. Simply place SP-12 on a flat surface near or around potential water accumulation area and connect the dry contact to the EMS device’s digital input terminal. When the water bridges the contact on the base of SP-12, an alarm is a trigger which sets off the Alarm LED and opens the normally closed contact, and at the same time, SMS or Email notification is sent.

Picobox REX IO expandibility


Data Center / Computer / Server Rooms
Banks / Hotels
Retail Shopping Centers
Libraries / Museums
Semiconductor Manufactures
Commercial Office Buildings
Educational Institutions
Generator Rooms

Type Spot water detection probe
Power 12VDC or 24VDC non polarity
Output Rating Normally close (NC) relay dry contact

12 or 24VDC, 1A (non polarity

Sensing Height 1mm to 6mm (adjustable)
Dimension 24 (h) x 44 (diameter) mm
Weight 120g
Enclosure Chrome plated, brass material
Cord 4-core (2 power, 2 contact), 3 meters

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