A water leak can come from different sources. The problem is the presence of water cannot be detected easily. Water accumulation can come from leaky pipes, seepages from adjacent walls, pantry, condensate from Air-conditioning systems, to name a few. Water can permeate to adjacent walls or downwards to the level below.

Without a water leak detection system, oftentimes problem goes undetected until it is too late. This is why monitoring any water build-up in these areas is necessary, and a good and reliable water leak detection system is critically important. 

Linkwise Technology in partnership with Tracetek provides the nVent TRACETEK water leak detection system—a versatile modular system with many interchangeable components that can be configured as needed for each application. The broad range of TRACETEK alarm modules and modular components allows you to tailor the monitoring approach and layout to the application.

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Tracetek TT1000 sensing cables detect the presence of water at any point along their length. Installed with the Tracetek module.

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The TT1100-OHP sensor cable is designed for use on insulated pipes. It detects water presence at any point along their length.

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The TT-FLAT PROBE is a special purpose probe designed to detect water leaks in specific locations.


Pioneer and one of the leading providers of Water Leak Detection around the world.

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