• Fast response to small amount of fuel
  • Resets for multiple uses
  • Real-time alerts
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Intermix up to 3 FFS probes with TT5000 sensor cable to form hybrid cable and probe systems
  • Suitable for installation in CID1 (Zone 0) with appropriate safety barrier
  • SIL-2 Rated Safety System Component
  • Can be monitored by Tracetek Module
External Diameter  25.4m
Color Orange
Tube Material Polypropylene with static charge reduction additive
Operating Temperature Range –40°C to 85°C
Leader Cable 44 x 22 AWG, polyurethane jacketed, fuel resistant


Materials detected  Typical response time at 20°C
Gasoline Less than 5 seconds
Jet A fuel Less than 5 seconds
Diesel Less than 5 seconds
Naphtha Less than 5 seconds
Crude oil 3 minutes
Biodiesel (B100) 45 seconds


TT-FFS Physical Layout



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