• Standalone- Full functionality controller design with powerful and reliable features.
  • The interface can be accessed by laptop, computer or mobile phones
  • It can monitor devices for more than 200 meters away from the unit.
  • Instant SMS notification after the alarm.
  • Able to monitor 84 monitoring points at the same time
    *with expansion modules 
  • Can send SMS and Email locally and internationally.
  • Has a 240 x 160 graphical display with a touchscreen that displays the current status of the I/Os.
  • Embedded with a firewall.
  • Penta band worldwide Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) / High-speed packet access (HSPA) engine.
  • Remote ON/OFF via logic expression and SMS command.
  • With up to 500 event logs, First IN First OUT.
  • Supports data pushing to the remote server.
  • With user-friendly interface accessible using any web browser.
  • I/Os can be expanded using the MODBUS interface.
  • With auto-update function for firmware and system updates.
  • Supports SD card for data logging.

Efficiently monitor your facilities through SMS and email. Fast, Easy and Reliable

Picobox FMGuard is designed to provide alert status in the most convenient way-through SMS and email anytime, anywhere. Instantly receive alarm updates when something happened to one of your equipment and therefore preventive action can be taken care of immediately. Facilities manager can now easily monitor the status of each device and equipment in real time and remotely.

A truly unique small device with full features and functionality.

Easily expand monitoring capacity up to 64 points.

FMGuard is capable of expanding its monitoring capabilities up to 64 monitoring point through expansion modules like DAQ. Able to monitor status, alarms and IO availability using remote PC by visual representation (dashboard) and log reports.  FMGuard can send 30 simultaneous SMS and Email alerts.

Record Data

Save data within a given interval using FMGuard. It provides you the data you need to quickly and easily troubleshoot devices connected to it. Using SD Cards, FMGuard’s data logger can store a large amount of data.

Real-time monitoring

FMGuard has an outstanding graphical user interface that shows the current status and information of devices connected to it.  The user interface is web-based, no need to install softwares, it is 100% open source. The  user-friendly UI made the configuration easier to set up and maintain.

Operating Voltage 24-36 VDC, 5W max consumption
*use 12VDC if analog input is not in use
Cellular Engine

Multi-band LTE Cat. 4 (Worldwide)

  • LTE FDD: 15 bands.
  • LTE-TDD: 4 bands.
  • WCDMA: 7 bands.
  • GSM: Quad-band.
Operating Humidity 5-90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature 0-45 degC
Size 160.2 (L) x 89 (H) x 53.5 (D) mm
Weight 465g without accessories
Network Protocol TCP/IP, HTTP, NTP, SMTP, TLS
Modbus Serial (Master)
Modbus TCP (Master and Slave)
No. of Digital Inputs 8x digital inputs
Logic high: 8 to 40VDC
Logic Low: -5 to 3 VDC
Impedance: 3.3kΩ
No. of Digital Outputs 8 x digital solid-state digital output Max. 36 volt / 1.5 A per. channel
No. of Analog Inputs 4 x analog inputs
Range is 0-5, 0-10VDC or 0-20, 4-20 mA
Resolution: 12 bit
Accuracy: Typ. ±0.3% FSR @ 25°C Impedance: 40 kΩ (V)/504 ohm (C)

FMGuard Wiring Diagram

FMGuard Physical Layout

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