• Standalone- configuration via a software tool
  • With up to 5000 events logs, first IN and first OUT
  • With onboard backup battery and state-of-the-art intelligent charging
  • 8 digital inputs, 6 analog inputs & 4 relay outputs
  • Able to monitor 64 monitoring points at the same time *with expansion DAQ model
  • A built-in supervisory circuit ensures high reliability and stable operation.
  • Send alarm and status from all sites via text message
  • SMS alarm messages up to 10 mobile numbers
  • Supports data pushing to the data base
  • Remote on/off control of equipment via a logic programmer and SMS command.    
Picobox REX sms and email notification

Easily monitor your facilities and get notified through SMS or email.

Picobox EMS-LTE is designed to provide alert status in the most convenient way-through SMS text. In just 2-3 seconds you will be able to receive an alarm updates when something happened to your facility and therefore preventive action can be taken care of immediately. Facilities manager can now easily monitor the status of each device and

equipment in real time and remotely. A truly unique small device with full powerful features and functionality

LED Indicator

EMS-LTE has its own LED indicators that show various status of your device.
  • Power Status
  • Telco Status
  • Modbus Status
  • Network Status
  • Alarm Status
Picobox REX IO expandibility
Picobox REX LED Indicator

Top-class compact device with high I/O expandability

Can easily expand the monitoring capabilities of EMS-LTE up to 64 points by using expansion modules like DAQ.

    Easy to configure via software tool

    EMS-LTE configure via friendly user and powerful software tool. Configuration is straight forward (such as description of monitoring points,mobile numbers, etc.). No programming knowledge is require.
    Picobox REX Low Cost

    Low-cost with Full Functionality

    A compact all in one device that provides a simple yet reliable monitoring system with just a very low cost of ownership. Designed to easily install, use and maintain with 24 /7 system operation.
    Operating Voltage Standard Adapter DC 12V/ Range 9-36 VDC
    GSM Frequency  B1/3/5/7/8/20@FDD-LTE, B38/40/B14@TDD-LTE, B1/5/8@WCDMA
    Operating Humidity  0~100%RH
    Operating Temperature  -40°C to +80°
    No. of Digital Inputs  8 Digital inputs, NC/NO type,
    No. of  Relay Outputs 4, Rated: 5A/30VDC, 5A/250VAC
    No. of Analog Inputs 6 Analog inputs, 12 bit resolution, 0-5V or 0-20mA or 4-20mA
    Memory Capcity An Internal 8G SD card inside, can save the data for 5000 historical data and events
    Dimension 75mm*88*30mm
    Net Weight 950g

    EMS-LTE Wiring Diagram


    EMS-LTE Physical Layout

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