What is the most efficient way of maintaining and securing your business operation?

It is simply- Monitoring. Constantly checking your crucial equipment has become essential way of making sure that no problem may arise and preventive action can be taken care of immediately. However, spending time to time checking your facilities consume too much resources and becomes inefficient. With this in mind we made it possible for you to monitor your facilities 24/7, wherever you are!

Linkwise Facility Monitoring System is our innovative and technological answer, a proven monitoring system that provides efficient yet cost-effective solutions to various industries. Making sure that facility managers will have a complete peace of mind through having a 24/7 monitoring system which send status updates of your equipment through SMS/ text messages and email, anytime and anywhere.

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A low cost alarm critical monitoring device, design to monitor your facilities. It can send SMS/Text and Email notification.

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A critical alarm monitoring device design to send SMS and email notification during fault. It also has SD slot to create data logger and an LCD display to shows the current status of IOs.

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A terminal device that provides data transfer using cellular network on your existing serial devices

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A terminal device that can connect your existing serial,  WIFI or Ethernet devices to a cellular network.

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