Think about how technology provide convenience to us, from the clothes we wear, gadgets we use, appliance at home, equipment in our offices. Everything that we can think of are derived from the Innovation and technological advances, and AUTOMATION plays a vital role to it.

Every companies seek to improve the quality and efficiency of their day to day process or procedure in performing of each tasks.

This need create a trend in innovating Automation and Control that will fulfill the needs of each companies.  

To stand out from the rest Linkwise Technology Partner up with WECON, a cost-effective communication and control with high performance and dependable reliability. Wecon PLC and HMI provides advance technology to automatically control various operating equipment with minimal or reduced human intervention. A reliable controllers that will surely increase productivity, efficiently use of materials, improve safety and while at the same time consistently maintain the quality of the output.


Also known as Programmable Logic Controller. A controller used for automating or monitoring system that in need of high reliability control suitable for harsh environment.


Human Machine Interface. A device that interprets machine language into a graphical or alphabetical way that human can understand. 


Accessories for PLC and HMI, normally used for expanding IOs and adding COM ports.