Does your company have equipment and machine which is sensible to humid and temperature? Will you be able to check from time to time changes with the room temperature and air around it?

Most of the time these are the problem of businesses, to maintain and monitor the changes in air and temperature of the facilities. While using air-condition may give you the control with the heat and air within the room but you won’t be able to control changes in the climate outside. This may greatly affect your business once humidity and temperature was not monitored accordingly. It might affect the whole operation and will incur big financial crisis.

PICOBOX offer not just prevention but a solution, a cost-effective answer for a long-term problem.

Introducing THS-100D and THS-100MD, sensors that are reliable in monitoring changes in the room environment and sent alarm once a certain changes needs to be adjusted. It is designed with different features like direct visual display, high precision, low cost, aesthetic appearance, easy installation and high stability. 

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Wall mount Temperature and Humidity sensor with 4-20mA output designed for indoor environmental monitoring.

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Standard and high precision Temperature and Humidity Sensor capable on communicating via Modbus Serial.

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