Our environment is changing, climate change is continuously creating a drastic effect to our weather, that even weather forecaster fails to predict the alert for calamity, not even the caution for flood.


Singapore was not an exception, a place which never had flood before, experienced a flood they never anticipated and caused devastation to its people, community and the government itself.

This experience alarmed the government and made them seek help to technology

Linkwise Technology developed a Flood monitoring system which meet all the needs and expectations of the government. Water level can now be monitored and alert people once it reach a certain critical level. This helps the whole community get ready for the flood coming and therefore lessen the damage it may cause.

Less than one hundred Picobox system panels are distributed and installed into different parts of Singapore. Schools, pavement, drainage, sewers, rivers and any area where you can find water sources, monitoring panel is there to secure the safety of its people and prevent serious flooding that they have experienced before.

Linkwise water level sensors is equipped with powerful features and high communication capability. This ensure that relevant government agencies will get notification when water level suddenly rise up and therefore immediately handle the situation before the actual flood happen.


Real time updates and preventive measures is now hassle free.