Water Leak Detection System Basic Parts:

  • Sensing cables and probes  – these cables and probes directly detect and accurately pinpoint the source of the leak, such as cables used for below raised floors, drip trays overhead piping, flat probes for sumps or damp areas, and miniature probes for tight areas.
  • Leader and/or jumper cables  – these are cables that connect  the module to the sensing cable/components
  • End termination – this is the end termination on every leg of the sensing cable in the circuit
  • Accessories — the items, such as hold-down clips, that are used to secure the sensing cable in place
  • Sensor Interface Modules – these modules provide the excitation voltage necessary to operate the cable or probes. The SIM then monitors analog current and voltage levels to determine when and where a leak has occurred. The measurements are digitized and transmitted back to the control and alarm panel for user display or interface to higher level systems. These modules can be either a nonlocating alarm module for small area coverage, or an alarm and locating module that can monitor one or more large areas.
Sensing Cables and Probe

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