• Eliminate frequent checking of each UPS.
  • 24/7 Operation.
  • Send alarm and status remotely via text message and email
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Remote on/off via logic expression and SMS Commands.
  • No external PC or external application software required.
  • Can be accessed by laptop, computer or mobile phones.
  • Dedicated Stand-alone operation- full functionality controller, design with powerful and reliable features.
  • Can save history status/events logs (XML/CSV Format).

Monitor the performance of your UPS

We can review the existing set-up of your UPS and recommend a monitoring system to suit your particular requirements.


Bypass Mode

Monitor the UPS and notifies the users once it changes to Bypass mode.


Battery Mode

Monitor the UPS and notifies the users once it changes to Battery mode.

Remaining Battery

Measures the remaining battery of the UPS and immediately alert the users once the battery reaches a critical level.


Monitor the changeover status from the Battery to the UPS and vice versa.

Ambient Temperature

Monitors the temperature of the UPS and alert once it detects abnormality with the temperature level. Maintained temperature helps increase the battery life.


Monitor and measure the input and output frequency of the UPS.


Monitors the power from the UPS.

Picobox REX IO expandibility

Monitor your equipment remotely

Monitoring a server room 24/7 is a must, as it contains crucial assets. Things can go wrong when the personnel in charge get busy or needed to leave for a few minutes or hours. An overnight downtime of the equipment can mean thousands of losses.

Now, you can monitor your crucial equipment remotely or even if you are out of the country.  Linkwise Server Room Monitoring system will provide you a real-time alert from your facility and will send it through SMS and email.

Be updated with your equipment status anytime, anywhere!

Get SMS and email updates of your equipment status

Conveniently get an alert status through SMS and email. In just 2-3 seconds, you will be able to receive alarm updates when something happened to one of your equipment and therefore preventive action can be taken care of immediately. Facilities manager can now easily monitor the status of each device and equipment in real-time and remotely.

Picobox REX sms and email notification
Picobox REX LED Indicator

Stand-alone operation

It is a standalone monitoring system. Therefore, no external PC or external application software is required. Easy to set-up, operate and maintain.

Customized alerts

Early warning signs of malfunctioned equipment or damage are sometimes difficult to detect. This problem requires additional resources to find the exact abnormalities or the source of the problem. Linkwise Facility Management system will send you SMS or Email on what irregularities happened, which might be hard for a human to pinpoint in person. Making your work easier and convenient.

Picobox REX Low Cost

Low-cost with Full Functionality

A compact all in one device that provides a simple yet reliable monitoring system with just a very low cost of ownership. Designed to easily install, use and maintain with 24 /7 system operation.


Picobox REX Low Cost
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