• Able to independently monitor water level on remote site.
  • Send data of water level status from all sites to a centralized server.
  • Have a web-based system accessible 24×7 by user via internet connection.
  • Have a trending feature showing live or historical data.
  • Have a split screen comparing the water movement from four different sites simultaneously.
  • Overall area map showing live status of each station being monitored.





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The most common sources of flooding are rivers and creeks. A flood occurs when a river or a stream overflows its banks caused by rainfall and excess water released by dams or reservoirs. Therefore, it is important to monitor water level in surrounding areas but manual monitoring is fraught with risk, errors and delay. With a flood monitoring system using technology, the water level can be monitored remotely.
A non-contact water level sensor is suitable in this application with accuracy. The non-contact sensor can monitor the water level without the need to do extensive maintenance.



During heavy rainfall, drainage and canal systems are overwhelmed by the onrushing water. And most of the time in urban areas such as Metro Manila, clog drainage system aggravates it. The excess water is left overflowing in roads and highways causing gridlocks and flooding.
Flooding can occur with little warning but can also worsen when the rain subsides in low-lying areas serving as a catch basin. People can be caught unaware of the incoming danger of flash flooding with huge losses to properties and sometimes loss of life. A reliable flood monitoring system can minimize the losses and actions can be taken to prevent the taking of life.
Linkwise Technology provides a flood monitoring system with contact sensor which detects and monitors water levels in roads. The remote station also provides a visual warning for motorists and pedestrians aside from sending the water level warning to the central server.

Integration with MCONEX Flood Monitoring System

Remote Flood Monitoring Stations are strategically located in flood prone areas and integrated with MCONEX FLOOD MONITORING SYSTEM.
MCONEX FLOOD MONITORING SYSTEM will monitor the water levels in all locations remotely and in real-time. A change in water level will trigger the station to send an alert to the central server which will be reflected in the monitoring dashboard of the system and with updates the users/public via SMS/Text and e-mail. The status can also be viewed remotely on a computer or visual display.

Flood SMS Monitoring

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