Does manual monitoring consume most of your time checking all your equipment status?

This is the main concern in every facility, to maintain and make sure all equipment are working properly while at the same time, making efficient use of resources and personnel. Every equipment is important and critical to the business operation, as once one of these breakdowns, it will definitely cause inconvenience and might even affect the whole operation.


Facility Monitoring System is an innovative and advance solution which will help you manage and monitor your facilities efficiently and effectively.


Linkwise Technology developed a facility monitoring system which provides a complete system. Capable of sending critical alarm signals using SMS/Text messages and email whenever and wherever you are. Designed with user-friendly user interface (UI) which displays the current status and information of devices connected to it. The UI shows the real time data and no software is needed to install as it is 100% open source.

Its features give you a guaranteed secured facility and 24/7 monitoring system. Efficient, cost-effective and reliable services that offers convenience and worry-free environment.


Features and Benefits:

  • Send alarm and status remotely via text message and email
  • Easy to install, operate and Maintain.
  • Eliminate Frequent checking of each equipment in the facilities.
  • Remote on/off via logic expression and SMS Commands.
  • No external PC or external application software required.
  • Can be accessed by laptop, computer or mobile phones.
  • Dedicated Stand-alone operation- full functionality controller, design with powerful and reliable features.
  • Can save history status/events logs (XML/CSV Format).