Facility Management and Monitoring

All buildings, large and small will have basic essential services provided for the comfort and safety of its occupants. Lightings, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning), lifts, fire protection, emergency power generator, security, CCTV, Public address systems are basic facility necessary to support the building. Poor air quality, under performing air-cons, inefficient use of electricity, and stoppages of lifts cars or faulty fire alarm system will lower the quality of services, causes inconveniences or even affecting the safety of human lives.

With Picobox installed to monitor the proper functioning of these equipments, any faults or alarms raised by any of the facility, support personnel like owner, technicians and vendors are immediately notified and suitable actions may be taken.

Cost of maintenance can be greatly reduced with such a setup. Standby technicians need not be physically present to monitor the facility. Vendor can respond more quickly because actual fault condition is received via SMS on his mobile phone. Downtime is reduced or removed and as a result, comfort level will be raised.