Data Centre and Server Room

Data centres and computer rooms will have all of the mission critical equipments that can't afford to encounter any downtime even if it just for a split second. Critical equipments like air-conditioning, UPS, standby power generators, fire alarm systems, temperature meter and water leakage detector ensures the computers are not over-heated, or due to faulty air-con leakage, hardware and software do not crash, and operating efficiently.

Any force entries can also be detected through door lock detector then SMS message which is pre-defined would be sent to the authorize personnel involved. Any breakdown to any single component in the data centre can spell disaster to the organization or the community. 24x7 monitoring is almost a must with these computers and equipments.

Picobox helps to monitor every single aspects of the operation. It can even report to the system administrator of a computer hang-up or abnormal operation. Some data centre operates in remote location or in overseas that is unmanned. The MIS can be anywhere, even travelling or at home. He or she will be notified of a problem and can reboot the hung-up server from the mobile phone or home computer.