Centralized Building Management and Monitoring

Building developers and facility management companies would want to constantly monitor the facilities inside their premises to ensure they are continuously operating as they should. These facilities could be their fire system, M&E, lift system, water pump, etc. These critical facilities, in most cases, would need to operate 24x7.

A reliable management & monitoring system would be required to enable remote monitoring of these facilities as well as to send out an alert upon any alarm state triggered. Example for this would be times when the elevator power supply is down, lift door jammed, water pump tripped, fire presence detected and so on.

Picobox has been assisting building developers to provide solution to this monitoring requirement. Working with Facility Monitoring Server (FMS) as the centralized management and monitoring system, Picobox unit were deployed on various sites to wirelessly feed the necessary information back to FMS for a continuous monitoring. Upon any alarm triggered, ticket will be created and relevant party will be notified immediately.

The advantage of a centralized monitoring server might not be too apparent on a single premise; however, when the monitoring requirement needs to be implemented in multiple premises with hundreds or even thousands of points to be monitored, the main advantage of centralized system will become more apparent.